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Chess for All Ages


A Tale Of Two Kings in Tucson, Arizona was established with the goal of providing more opportunities in the world of chess. We provide some events on our own while partnering with other Chess organizations to provide additional events. 

A Tale Of Two Kings believes in the benefits of chess and strives to increase the popularity and availability of Chess related events.

Our State Grade Winners' Circle

Congratulations to our students who competed in the Arizona State Grade Championship on January 11, 2020. Congratulations to Vincent on his 3rd Place Trophy, Julian on his 8th Place, and a Super Congratulations to Hanwei who is our State First Grade Champion. Coach Matthew and the rest of us are all very proud of your hard work.

Our Mission

We aim to teach valuable life skills through chess education while running great chess events.


We are always striving to create great tournaments. We pride ourselves on a high level of integrity and providing a great tournament experience.

Other Services 

Check with us regarding lessons. We offer private lessons, camps, and will begin weekly classes in the near future.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


A Tale Of Two Kings

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